The Priesthood Of All Believers- On Jehovah’s Witnesses Side

Studying the ordained ministry in the subject of Theology is one among the most interesting topics to discuss yet it’s also one of the most debatable doctrine that tries to split Christianity.
The Priesthood of All Believers- On Jehovah’s Witnesses Side
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In the Anglican structure, the ordained ministry would be perceived by members as those responding to work by God’s calling in his full time ministry. This will particularly pertain to the known deacons, priests and bishops. There are actually traditional and scriptural basis that would support having this kind of servant hood positions but this should not include my reflection for the meantime. What finds me interesting is the so-called ‘Priesthood of all believers.’ I bet that whatever denomination one belongs, the idea of this kind of priesthood is much acceptable for them. As an Episcopalian taking more on the

side of the Evangelicals, I observed that this ministry is stronger than those who are traditionalists and mainly followers of the liturgy. Although the church (even the Roman Catholic Church) accepts this idea, members are still relying the ordained ministry to those receiving the sacrament of the holy orders alone.


Just as what I have said, one of the flaws of the Anglican church is in emphasizing that once accepted in Christ’s family, one can already become a priest of his/her own by means of the gifts and abilities given by God. So this is not necessarily taking on the literal view.

By the above reason, I tried to compare other denominations whose strength falls on this type of priesthood. Among them, I would like to rely in the context of the

Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are regarded by many as believers of cultic doctrine but in terms of proclaiming evangelism as well as discipleship, they, I believe have the strongest training.

My sister in her college class has friends who are Jehovah’s Witnesses and I was just a bit curious when they were explaining to her that they don’t have any pastor, priest or minister to call. They believe that every adult member as he/she is progressing in spiritual maturity can automatically become an ordained minister.  However, following the sacrament of Holy Orders will go against their theology and so they are not to be called pastors, priests, or ministers. The trained members are called “elders.”


The Priesthood of All Believers idea is a strong belief from the Jehovah’s Witnesses side, believing that they do not need a mediator between themselves and God. Everyone has been given the privilege to become a witness of God’s word. This type of priesthood becomes an interesting subject to those seeking and searching for the right leadership position in a church. However, there might also be disadvantages of this. Subscribe to find out more about the priesthood of all believers.

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