The Priesthood Of All Believers- Disadvantages

While the Priesthood of all believers can give as many benefits aside from those mentioned above, there can also be the downside of it.
The Priesthood of all Believers- Disadvantages
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This is why, every church should not only rely to the priesthood of all believers alone. The Roman Catholic, the Anglican Churches and other denominations believes in three different types of priests:

1. First, the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:5-9)

2. The ordained priesthood (Acts 14:23, Romans 15:16, Titus 1:5); and

3. The high priesthood of Jesus (Hebrews 3:1)

What seems bothering me from the priesthood of all believers is the fact that it gives the whole congregation one standard size-fits-all idea. Each JW may become an elder but there were those who leaved the denomination.

Reading their stories and reasons aside, they went out just because they cannot question the authority of the teachings they need to teach. I believe that upon following the priesthood of all believers, they should be united in terms of preaching, of evangelism missions, and of teachings or if there are divisions in a doctrine, then there should be tolerance and respect. However, this is not what is happening in other sects. Not only the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Imagine that we are all priests yet when we teach, it contradicts the idea of the other priest? We are already creating a concept that God is the author of confusion when in reality according to Paul, it’s not.

Another negative impact is the lack of knowledge of priests about what one is trying to teach. In my experience from attending worship services of Born-again Christians, I observed that what the pastor was preaching contains the same element from the start until I decided to leave and come back being an Anglican. One topic they kept on repeating to preach was all about salvation of accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The first attendance gave me emotional touch but then on the second attendance, the pastor’s sharing was a bit different but in the end of the preaching it’s the same. I then listed the top two repetitive topics that they keep on preaching:

1. Prosperity gospel- I found nothing wrong with this but they keep on preaching still. What struck me more not to listen to them is the “give and receive” idea. Even those who really don’t have money will sacrifice everything just to become successful. It is making an image of God that he is the God of success alone. I admit, I was once a victim of this repetitive gospel.

2. Accepting

Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior- I again found nothing wrong on this and I also believe that once I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I will be saved. Will the reflection just end here? How can I still justify and improve my faith if the pastor keeps on preaching this?

My main point is not to downgrade or to say they were wrong but what if they try to elaborate more of some important keys on their reflections? When I went back as an Episcopalian, I appreciated the strength of the church. That is when ordained priests share their reflections that are comprehensive and not repetitive. For example, on the first Sunday of advent, the sharing was all about patience. Everything preached during that Sunday was all about patience. On the second Sunday, it was all about hope and then the following Sunday is different again. It really helps in the improvement of my faith.

These are the bad sides I see from the Priesthood of all believer’s perspective. 


The priesthood of all believers is a good guide to follow to a congregation but it should not stop here. We are also in need of the ordained ministers who serves as the recognition of God’s call for a full-time responsibility. They serve as leaders and overseers of the church just like Jesus. But it is also important to note that the role of ordained ministers should not be because of hierarchical structure or for authority. They should remember that they are the leaders of the priesthood of all believers. On the other hand, all believers can also be called “royal priest” as a reflection of their privileged status as heirs to the kingdom of the Almighty God and the lamb. But as a priest to all believers, it is also important not to forget to serve God with passion and purpose. Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to save us from our sins and so it should go the same to us. Our sacrifices to commit time for God defines intently our purpose.

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