Spiritual Devotions From Hiking Experience

One of the best ways that could lessen my stress is through hiking and such experience doesn’t only lead me to relax and calm my mind and body.
Spiritual Devotions from Hiking Experience
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Hiking also transpires me to develop and meditate deeper on my spiritual being. After my journey at Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain in the Philippines, I have come up with a collection of devotions from the attractions I saw. I want to share these in this article, hoping that someone who reads it will be helped in their daily struggles of life.

Here are the reflections:

  1. If the uncomfortable past still haunts you, try whatever you can to let it go and start stepping for a new beginning. Be the best you can. Align it with truth and light and then
    God will surely lead you to what he wants you to be.
  2. Faith takes us to a journey of moving a mountain but the scripture teaches us that having a faith so small in the beginning, like the size of a mustard seed, can take us into moving the mountains in the long run.
  3. The beauty of mountains cannot be defined by their own slope or shape. The uniqueness shines out when they have been grouped into a place perfectly fit for each other despite of irregularities. It’s the same thing with life. We shine so bright when we look at our weaknesses or irregularities in the brighter side, the discovery by which they have been placed for a greater and valuable purpose.
  4. Every day we are prone to acquire toxicities in life. But our response to toxic people, toxic things and toxic events will define our own control to our own happiness in life. We always
    have the choice to swallow such little things or letting these swallow us.
  5. In some mountains the grass grows tall because no one is available to cut them. During summer days they wilt because no one is available to water them. But the amazing thing about these grasses is that they survive when they look up in the light. The light gives them energy and in return, the grasses dance in a sensual, intimate and joyful movement praising the light. 
    Did we ever feel the same thing? Remember that when no one else is available to turn to, just look up in the sky and search for the real light. The light will fill your feelings of emptiness with peace and comfort, and then it will let you dance joyfully like the grasses.
  6. Yes! I love beaches, oceans and other land attractions but only mountains can pull me off to dig deeper and deeper for my moral and spiritual significance. Their uniqueness, shapes and sizes makes me want to know more, to feel more and to love more.
  7. Being courageous means not overcoming or fighting your fears but by your confidence to face all these fears of life through faith in God.

Try also travelling and you might not know you can come up with your own quotes in life. That’s it!

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Gold stay is the username for Silver P. Comila, a nurse, a teacher and a licensed financial consultant whose one passion is writing and a contributor to this site. His niche is writing financial literacy and health-related articles. He's also one of those who desire to help every Filipino family achieve a sense of financial wellness. Drop him a message at silver_prof07@yahoo.com to learn more.

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