The Priesthood Of All Believers- Advantages

The Priesthood of all Believers can be backed by Biblical stands and basing my observation from the JW’s side, true priesthood comes from Christ who is the great High Priest and Head.
The Priesthood of All Believers- Advantages
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I may infer that the Biblical backing of the ordained ministers such as priests, deacons, pastors and bishops is an Old Testament concept. Priests during this era were chosen by God for a purpose. Their purpose was to serve God with their lives offering up sacrifices. Today the concept of priesthood was changed by Christ who has made one-time big time sacrifice for sin of all time. It is then clear that once we embrace Christianity, we are to offer up sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. Unlike in the Old Testament

when priests were given the authority as the only people to have direct access to God, the death of Jesus upon the cross of Calvary erased the concept of treating priests as exclusive people.

By such idea, I can now say that becoming a priest of all believers has two benefits.

1. The Priesthood of all believers gives us the privilege to directly access God- In Galatians, there is actually a verse that states we are all equal in God’s eyes. There are no Jews nor Gentiles and males nor females…In this case, everyone gets the privilege to have direct access to the throne of God through Jesus Christ our great High priest regardless of our background or status. Just as what was mentioned above, there

are no more mediator or any earthly priest that we need to inquire to gain access from God.

2. The Priesthood of all believers encourages us to serve God with a purpose- In the church I was attending, there is the notion that being called to serve God is just for those who are in the ordained ministry. The result is the fact that the congregation’s perceived purpose is to attend the mass only as listeners of the gospel and not for something better that God mold them to be. I’m not saying that we will imitate the process of JWs but looking at the training of every member gives them the passion to serve God with a purpose. Despite being rejected or being argued by their sharing through door-to-door evangelism, they still don’t quit and continues their work because they know it’s for God’s purpose and not because of self-motives.


The priesthood of all believers’ concept can really give benefits when applying in one’s denomination. But there are also the bad sides of it. Subscribe for more posts.

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