18 Things You Should Know About Pope John Xxiii

Aside from Pope John Paul II who was canonized as saint, Pope John XXIII and his works shall also never be forgotten. He was dubbed to be "The Good Pope" and although he may not be familiar as Pope John II, here are 18 things you need to know about the much-loved pope.
18 Things You Should Know about Pope John XXIII
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Pope John XXIII was elected the new pope of the Roman Catholic church in 1958. His five-year reign until his death in 1963 made a significant marks in the history of the Church..

Here are some interesting facts about him:

  • He was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1881 and his given name was Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli.
  • He was ordained a priest in 1904 and became cardinal in 1953 by Pope Pius XII.
  • He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000.
  • Many thought that upon his calling as the supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church, his reign would cover a
    short span because he is nearly turning at the age of 77.
  • His reigning period covered for five years.
  • John surprised the Roman Catholic Church and the world by his proposal to call for ecumenical council in early 1959.
  • He called for Second Vatican Council which was successfully met in 1962.
  • One of John’s notable acts was to include the name of Saint Joseph in the Canon of the Mass.
  • Two of his eight important encyclicals (pastoral letters) were Mater et Magistra (1961) which pertains to social questions of peace and justice and Pacem in Terris (1963) on the problems of peace among nations. These symbolized his advocacy of promoting justice and peace.
  • John XXIII, according to some authors and friends call him Good Pope John because of his frank kindness.
  • He is a pope of humor and a man who knows his limitations as the World Book Encyclopedia dictates.
  • He played a major role in rescuing Jews from Nazi-controlled Hungary during
    the World War II.
  • John was not a profound theoretician but a cultured man.
  • John proudly reveals his peasant origins.
  • His diaries, published as Journal of a Soul (1965; trans. 1965) and Letters to His Family (1969; trans. 1970), are publications that expresses his simplicity and humility in terms of spiritual life.
  • John died while the session for the Second Vatican Council was ongoing.
  • Two days before John XXIII died; he made a statement “I am able to follow my own death step by step. Now I moved softly towards the end.”
  • In his death, Pope John XXIII was dubbed to be the most beloved pope of modern times because of his tolerance, optimism, and genial personality that attracted and inspired millions inside and outside of the Church.

Most of the facts mentioned above paved the way for the church's supreme leaders to canonize the pope. In fact, many said that his canonization was long over due. Now, he is considered a saint.

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