The Priesthood Of All Believers- Becoming An Elder

Jehovah’s Witnesses is one among the denominations that practices the Priesthood of All Believers. Meaning they don’t follow a structure in their church known as Kingdom Halls.
The Priesthood of all Believers- Becoming an Elder
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However, when one lasts their membership as they age, they will now take the process of becoming a well-respected person in their congregation. That is to become an Elder. How does a JW member become an Elder? What are their functions?


First of all, every member of the congregation is trained to become an ordained minister and publisher (That’s The Watch Tower tract. That’s what they are distributing when they perform door-to-door evangelism).  For a longtime member of their congregation, they are usually given the time to reflect on the verses mentioned in 1 Timothy 3:2-7

and Titus 1:5-9. This is their basis for becoming an elder in the church. For someone outside who would like to be converted as a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, they must go through an extensive Bible Study program with another baptized member of the congregation. They make sure that the interested person is well taught before getting baptized. This is because they highly value divine education.

Once appointed as an elder, they will undergo training as all other members of the congregation did. Aside from that, they will be encouraged to have years of personal Bible study plus regular meeting attendance. They get ongoing training every few years at different seminars.

Every member is continually educated week after week, day after day, throughout their entire life. They have been taught that if they do not read and meditate on God’s

word regularly, their relationship to God will weaken over time.


The functions of the elders are just the same as the functions of priests and pastors in other denominations. First, they care and protect the congregation spiritually. They get to know every member of their congregation individually and they do not dominate member, but rather, they contribute to the member’s well-being and joy. Second function is in teaching every member to do God’s will. They preside over the congregation meetings in order to strengthen their faith. Devoted men also take the lead in the evangelizing activity. Lastly, the elders serve as encourager for every individual spiritual needs. They do home visits or in their Kingdom halls to offer help and comfort backed from the scriptures.


The Elders of the congregation are well-known for their great sacrifices for the congregation as they also have their jobs and their families to take care for. Their functions speak of a high respect from the members. What maybe the good thing about becoming an Elder? What may be the controversies that surrounds such kind of leadership in the church? Subscribe for more posts related to this article.

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